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Autumn Colors of Northern Pakistan | by Batuta Travels | Nov, 2021 | Medium

Autumn Colors of Northern Pakistan | by Batuta Travels | Nov, 2021 | Medium
The autumn or fall is the season of the year when the landscape in the Chitral valley presents breathtaking scenes with motley colors of foliage on the trees in Booni, the administrative headquarter of district Upper Chitral. Many of the traditional cultural festivals such as benisik, lashti korik, etc., are also associated with the autumn in the Chitral valley, northern Pakistan.

It is the seasons of the year when changing foliage on the tree makes their preparation for winter. During this season in Booni, the autumn leaf color is a phenomenon that affects the green leaves of many trees and shrubs by which they take on shades of yellow, orange, red, and brown. This phenomenon is commonly called fall colors, fall foliage, or autumn colors.

Fall colors engage our senses and stimulate our aesthetic vision via the warm tones, from the darkest brown and dark green to the most intense orange and yellow, passing through almost all shades of red.

The main colors of this season are red, yellow, brown, and orange, warm colors often used in color therapy for their energizing effect.
Looking at these colors provokes physical reactions related to the sphere of energy, let's see below what the main effects of the vision of these tonalities of autumn colors in the pictures are presented.
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