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Crete: Responsible Tourism Implementation Workshop

Crete’s Culinary Sanctuaries Workshop

Implementation of Responsible Tourism by Rural Communities
On-site presentations by project directors in Crete, Greece

October 11-18, 2009

Designed for current and future Responsible Travel practitioners, the media and researchers
Presented by the CCS network of residents practicing community-based tourism, organic agriculture and cultural and natural heritage preservation. CCS is internationally acclaimed for best practices in Responsible Travel.
Travel with CCS to historic and natural sites, rural communities, organic farms and tavernas for an overview of how communities collaborate on responsible travel programs. People actively involved in sustainable living practices will cover real-world issues that will help workshop attendees create their own programs or share their findings.

Locations, On-Site Meetings with the CCS Network, Examples of Mass Tourism and Alternatives:

North-Central Coast: Historic Sites, Organic Winemaking, Traditional Cuisine, Small-Scale Lodging, Building Restoration, Mass Tourism, Development
Central Mountains: Nature-Based Tourism, Cultural Heritage Preservation, Traditional Agricultural Practices, Artisan Food Production
Northwestern Coast: Mass Tourism, Small-Scale Enterprises, Fisheries
Western Mountains: Community-Based Tourism; Organic Olive Oil Production; Ecolodging

This program is limited to 12 attendees. Fees: Euros 2,400; US$ 3,200 per person, includes seminar presentations, professional and specialist compensation, scheduled meals and tastings, lodging (private room with private bath), scheduled ground transportation.
Contact Nikki Rose
Founder & Director, CCS
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