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Food and Agriculture News, the good and the bad

Since I've been working in the fields in Crete nonstop for months, I had to catch up on food news. Here are highlights, some of which have prompted great comments on my facebook page and others, including the USDA's.

USDA Web Post: "Yeast Genes Improve Shelf Life of Tomatoes" By Avtar Handa, Purdue University, July 6, 2010 [Note from Nikki: what the hell?]

Blue Ocean Institute: Connecting with Chefs on Sustainable Seafood Info and Sourcing: [great projects!]

And. where some people actually "get" their news. ColbertNation. Interview with Carl Safina of Blue Ocean Institute re BP-Gulf disaster.




Aboriginal Management of National Parks
Article by Nikki Rose: What is Responsible Travel?

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