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Inequality, Hierarchy, Oligarchy, Tyranny, War

aspalathoi Sic semper tyrannis

Hierarchy and Inequality are at the root of all our tragedies. Were we ever able to stop obeying orders, and to freely decide for ourselves and our loved ones, based on our enlightened self-interest and common interest, and IF we could fairly SHARE the immense wealth already available on earth among ourselves, among classes, and across borders, we would not need armies and police. Because global poverty is an ongoing form of global violence. Because hierarchy and oligarchy are born out of the need to safeguard the inequality and concentration produced by exploitation and the lack of sharing. If we ever succeed, what would we then do with the few, really mad, violent and deranged people? Well, we would stop them from being able to harm others and themselves, in as a humane way as possible. What we need to do now however is at least not allow them to head states, to lead us once more back to World War, Misery and Tyranny! 

"What could have reminded me" of the famous Greek poem "Epi Aspalathon" (Οn Hairy Spiny Brooms) Seferis' very last one? 

I gave it a go and translated it, so as to really feel the answer...

How beautiful was Sounion on Annunciation day

Springtime, once more

A few green leaves and rusty stones

red clay and Aspalathoi

proudly displaying their grand, ready, thorns

and their yellow flowers

the ancient columns nearby, strings of a harp
still echoing.


- What could have reminded me of that Ardiaios?

A word by Plato, I believe, hidden in my mind's 

old tracks

the name of this yellow bush never changed, since those times

That evening, I found the passage:

"they tied him hand and foot" it says

"they threw him to the ground and flayed him

they dragged him aside and tore him apart on the thorny Aspalathoi

then took this rag, and threw it into the Abyss"

Thus, in the underworld, he kept paying for his crimes

Pamfylios Ardiaios, the wretched Tyrant

31st of March 1971 "

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