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Gene Logsdon: Archeology Not Agriculture Teaches Good Farming


A great article by Gene Logsdon:

"...a farmer can learn more about sustainable farming from history rather than from current science. Agriculture has been taking giant leaps “forward” and archeology giant leaps “backward,” both with intriguing and absorbing results. Both work under a handicap. Archeology studies a silent past and has to worry that it’s getting the story right. Agriculture assumes a future that may not turn out to be true either. The two sciences have markedly different philosophies. Agriculture is interested in making farming a money-profitable business. Archeology is interested in finding out why profitable farming invariably leads to wrecked civilizations."

Gene and Carol Logsdon have a small-scale experimental farm in Ohio. Gene is the author of numerous books and magazine articles on farm-related issues, and believes sustainable pastoral farming is the solution for a stressed agricultural system.

Full article on the Contrary Farmer Blog:

Note from Nikki Rose: Good timing! CCS developed a whole seminar series related to this issue:  Historic Food and Wine Routes of Crete, June 6-14, 2011.

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