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Hubris, Crisis, Nemesis

An important lesson we should not forget, after the pandemic is over: it was proven beyond reasonable doubt during the great Lockdown that the world can easily survive with far fewer people going to work 9 to 5. Hopefully the lesson will be put to good use: Rather than massive redundancies and semi-permanent furloughs, we need far shorter hours and better-paid work for ALL. We need to replace the current era of wage-slavery where the many work endless hours and still cannot meet basic needs (and where some interns actually have to pay employers for the privilege of working with no pay!!!) with a system where people work as much as they want and have money to spare to enjoy life, not just survive. Believe it or not, the technological capacity is already available (and we should wholeheartedly embrace it including automation and green solutions), it is just a matter of changing key laws, rather than bloody revolutions. (Of course, if the status quo resists there may be some of the latter too.) But these changes have to (can only) take place globally and simultaneously, in a globalised world, after a lot of discussions and planning. They should probably involve the definition, production and storage of money and energy, the universal right to free housing, food, health and education, and the gradual abolition of borders, among others. It can only be done peacefully, without any vanguard parties or dictators (that method has already been tried in the 20th c. and was a near total failure), by active, fearless, educated, democratic, green citizens!

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