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The Roman Watermill of Northern Pakistan - YouTube

The Roman Watermill of Northern Pakistan - YouTube

The inhabitants of the mountains of Northern Pakistan, away from the facilities of the industrialized world, do not have options other than adopting a traditional lifestyle, practice primitive agricultural methods, and use conventional tools and technology.

Roman watermill used by the mountain communities in Chitral, northern Pakistan, is one such example. They use the traditional method of grinding grain into flour because, in their opinion, the flour produced is of better quality and taste compared to mass-produced flour.

The environmental-friendly watermills are scattered across Chitral regions in different side valleys having mountain streams and spring water. They are powered by fast-flowing water channelized through a shoot into the fans of a wooden turbine, the axle of which is linked to the grinding stones purposed to grind flour. Traditional watermills do not pollute the atmosphere, as they do not require electricity or fossil fuels.

In recent years, many people have started thinking to use watermills for business purpose and to make it a source of income generation.

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