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Climatexit, Ego vs. Eco, but every cloud has a silver lining

Call it Climatexit? Perhaps, but there is no need to despair at President Trump's 'final decision' to 'withdraw' from the Paris Treaty. For a democracy, it may be scary if one is really able (there are doubts) to take such a decision without having to get approval from Congress. But looking at the bright side, this development encourages the transition to a multi-polar world, with China, lest we forget that they are now the world's biggest greenhouse gas emitters, getting a chance to take the corresponding lead in green issues. Something that may gradually help China also greenify, modernise and liberalise its political system. The European Union, too, may realise that it should stand on its own (green) feet, and hopefully become more of a Union, reversing the nationalist and racist resurgence of the noughts. Yet another, equally valuable, bonus is that we may end up with better international agreements once the unwilling are out of the way, and these agreements are bound to be less toothless than the Paris Agreement, an agreement cheered by Big Oil and Big Coal multinationals - these sudden paragons of virtue, ethics and corporate responsibility - they were probably just hedging. Furthermore, as Barrack Obama, already very much missed by most of the world, pointed out, "states, cities and businesses can step up and do even more". Plus, it's only four years until the great American people, once it is understands that right-wing populism (corporate tax breaks, unilateralism, protectionism, xenophobia) and social justice (upholding human rights & labour rights, international cooperation, open borders for trade and people, open minds & open hearts) are two entirely different things, gets a new chance to elect a president (Bernie?) who cares about making the world, Pittsburgh and Paris, "great again". It's clearly a contest between Ego and Eco. Who will win? The great enlightener of greek antiquity, Epicurus observed: "The wealth required by nature is limited and is easy to procure, but the wealth required by vain ideals extends to infinity." So it is always an open contest!

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