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Flights are NOT Tourism's & Hospitality's Fault

ilya-cher-XdOvAFE4_RY-unsplash Cargo being loaded onto Planes. Photo by Ilya Cher on Unsplash

Tired of reading the same nonsense, people blaming flights on Tourism alone. Planes would keep flying even with half the passengers. They carry precious goods, the majority of income for airlines is cargo. Planes belong to the Transport sector, which, yes, needs to become green, and quickly, but it is not Tourism & Hospitality's fault that it does not. It is not our sector's fault that governments and private funds do not invest more in rapid trains and electric/solar/hydrogen planes. There are millions of reasons why people travel, beyond leisure. Destinations and small island states dependent on tourism should not starve because others cannot put their act together. Emissions can be cut in the energy sector, in the livestock industry, in agriculture, mining, and many more sectors. Travel and Leisure are not optional, or nice to have, they are essential for the well-being of workers, travellers and hosts alike. Hotels and tour operators need to get as green as they can, and this is where the sector's responsibility ends. The rest is mostly suitable for attention-seeking academic papers and organizations desperately seeking a purpose. I have flown only once in the past 5 years, and have been a vegetarian for the past 15, so my emissions are very low. But I just can't stand the elitism and hypocrisy of some jet-set commentators who probably do not want others to fly so that they can have more legroom. 

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