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Pakistan: A Heaven for Adventurists & Trekkers

These pictures are from a 10-day trek from Sor Laspur (Upper Chitral) to Kumrat (Upper Dir), one of the most exotic and challenging treks in Pakistan. It passes through glaciers, glacial lakes, mountain passes, pastures, and forests. The total length of the trek is 140 kilometers with 4400m maximum altitude. You will come across five small and big glacial lakes on the trek of which Bashqar Gol lake is the mightiest. It also passes through four heavenly pastures offering glimpses of nomadic life. It is one of the hardest treks requiring adventurists with strong trekking stamina, and high tolerance to withstand hardships of the trek including cold weather, glaciers, steep climb, and sheer drops. Contact us for help to organize an adventurous trip.

Pakistan is blessed by nature with rare landscape, the towering mountains, plateau, plains, deserts and the attractive sunny beaches. More than half of area is mountainous, especially north and north-western parts have hundreds of mountains over 6000 members altitude. Valleys of unique beauty and crystal-clear lakes with blue water, murmuring streams, springs and roaring rivers enrich the land of exceptional beauty.

The great Indus valley civilization in the pre-historic era, the center of old empires, religions and cultures having rich and over 2500 years old history along with lofty snow-peaked mountains, Pakistan has tremendous attraction for natural lowers, adventurists, trekkers and historians.

The polo played in this area is the more rugged and free-style version than the sedate variety known in the plains. Passion for polo remains the highest on the world's highest polo ground. Every year, Shandur (3,700 meters) invites visitors to experience a traditional polo tournament between the teams of Chitral and Gilgit. The festival also includes folk music, folk dance, traditional sports and a camping village can be set up on the Pass.

Recently, the British Backpacker Society identified Pakistan as its top travel destination terming it as "one of the friendliest countries on earth, with mountain scenery that is beyond anyone's wildest imagination". On a blog on social media, the backpackers who explored over 101 countries indicated Pakistan as the clear winner of the 'British Backpacker Society's top 20 adventure travel destinations 2018', encouraging keen travelers to book a trip to Pakistan immediately.

Glacial Lake on the route
Trekking over glacier
Standing nearby an icy lake
Icy Lake on the route
In the  of mountains
A setting of a stunning landscape
Descending to a plain area
Walking through pine forest and a beautiful pasture
Supporting local communities while looking at rebu...
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