Fivos Tsaravopoulos Interview: Fivos Tsaravopoulos, Founder & Manager of Paths of Greece
"To go fast we walk alone, but to go far, we walk together!"

Athens International Airport becomes carbon neutral
One of just 28 in the world, 25 of which are in the EU.

New study predicts annual coral bleaching on all of the world's coral reefs
Taiwan and Turks & Caicos Reefs under imminent risk

Ecovillages emerging in China?
Over 30 traditional villages sign agreements with the Global Ecovillage Network (GEN)

British pilot wins 'major legal victory on fatigue', employers ordered to apologise
Study shows over half of pilots lack confidence in the safety culture of their airline

New Research on NGO Partnerships in Using Ecotourism for Conservation
Collaboration with private sector 'has not increased proportion of successful projects'

Ecotourism Kenya

Ecotourism Kenya Certification Scheme Recognised by GSTC
To date, 30 standards have achieved GSTC-Recognized status

Join the "Too Rare To Wear" Campaign against the sale of Turtleshell products
Help protect the critically endangered hawksbill sea turtle