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Code of Ethics for Visitors to the Kalash Valleys

To protect the culture and natural environment of the indigenous Kalash community, please follow the code of ethics as under:

    1) Before you visit the Kalash educate yourself about local customs and culture
    2) The Kalash are friendly, hospitable and gentle. Unlike other villages in Pakistan, the womenfolk in the Kalash valley are more visible. Their traditional values must be respected by visitors.
    3) Do not gawk at the Kalash at the Kalash, consider how you feel when you are stared at during your travel.
    4) Always ask permission before photographing people. Do not pay to take photographs.
    5) Do not disturb the Kalash working in fields or in the privacy of the Bashali [the women house of seclusion].
    6) Do not walk into houses and temples or participate in dances or festivals without being invited.
    7) Buying local products benefits the local economy, but buying antiques and artifacts robs the local culture.
    8) All meadows are preserved for animal fodder. Avoid trampling them, and do not camp without permission. Avoid parking vehicles in fields.
    9) Do not use streams for washing or cleaning. Keep all pollutants, even biodegradable ones, away from streams. Use toilets whenever available. Where do not available, stay at least 30 meters from streams.
    10) Do not preach any religion or seek to convert.
    11) The Kalash get very little economic benefit from tourism, use Kalash guides, hotels and pay for any space that you utilize.
    12) Remember, as you leave this area you leave behind an image of yourself. Make the welcoming for future visitors by not leaving any litter behind.
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