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Thessaloniki Municipal Councillor and Green Activists arrested for defending trees from cutting

Green Councilor and former Member of the European Parliament Michalis Tremopoulos was arrested along with other 13 activists of the Save The Trees initiative during a peaceful sit-in protest in Romaikis Agoras Square, an urban park near the Roman Forum of Thessaloniki. They were trying to block contractors hired by the Municipality of Thessaloniki from cutting down 41 tall trees, as part of a city-wide EUR6m programme to cut down and subsequently replace 4,000 supposedly ailing and dangerous, tall trees in the city. The arrested were set free, apart from 5 who were held for refusing to give fingerprints. All have to appear in court with hyped up charges of violent resistance and threats against police, none of which are seen in the many videos of the incident available. Tremopoulos alleges there are economic interests behind the decision and that most of the trees can be saved. 

Athens Hotel & Restaurant Workers Union calls for strike on 22 February

The union demands the payment of seniority benefits, the mandatory implementation of collective bargaining agreements and the extension of unemployment benefits without conditions and terms. - Read more

Το σωματείο απαιτεί την πληρωμή των επιδομάτων προϋπηρεσίας, την υποχρεωτική εφαρμογή των Συλλογικών Συμβάσεων Εργασίας και την επέκταση του επιδόματος ανεργίας χωρίς όρους και προϋποθέσεις - Περισσότερα

National Trail Network to be created and funded by Environment Ministry

The Ministry has published a EUR 30m call for funding to upgrade the existing trails and cycling routes network, to create new ones along with recreational areas at selected points. The project will be coordinated by the Natural Environment & Climate Change Organization (OFYPEKA) and EUR 800k will be available per municipal unit.

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WWF Greece calls on the European Commission to pressure government on protected area conservation

In December 2022, WWF Greece sent a report to the European Commission to protest about Greece's systematic failure "to protect significant and vulnerable ecosystems" including Natura 2000 network sites and to implement a relevant 2020 ruling of the EU Court of Justice. The NGO points out that recently-enacted national legislation on protected areas is inconsistent with European Directives. The Commission replied that it agrees with WWF and that it reserves the right to "pursue the infringement case" and send a Letter of formal notice to the Greek government.

Court orders the demolition of two top floors of newly-built Athens hotel

Greece's highest administrative court has ordered the Municipality of Athens to proceed with the demolition of the two top floors of Coco-Mat Athens BC Hotel for exceeding maximum height regulations in the increasingly gentrified area of Koukaki, bordering the old city and the Acropolis.

Mykonos: A state subsidy to a new luxury hotel raises eybrows

Kathimerini reports that a new 192-bed five star hotel project in Mykonos will receive a EUR 6.6m state subsidy. The mayor of Mykonos is against the project and appealed in early 2022 to the Council of State to annul it on environmental grounds.

Lefkada: Municipal council votes against privatization of the Castle area

Following public protests, a majority of councillors, including the Mayor's faction, voted to freeze long-going attempts to lease or sell coastal areas adjacent to the famous 15th c. Santa Maura castle and a popular public beech in the north eastern tip of the island. The developers have brought intimidation lawsuits against a number of citizens opposing the plans. 

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Crete: Mega-resort plans in Falasarna protected area approved by regional environment committee

Falasarna Beach, CreteFalasarna Beach, CreteDespite objections by Greece's Natural Environment & Climate Change Agency (ΟΦΥΠΕΚΑ) and the Municipality of Kissamos, the Environment Committee of the Region of Crete approved by a 13-2 majority a plan by the Tsatsaronaki group to build a 850-bed hotel inside a protected coastal area in Falasarna, Crete. The project still needs approval by the Ministry and the Council of State.

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Skiathos hosts 8th World Trails Conference

World Trails Conference, SkiathosWorld Trails Conference, SkiathosThe 8th World Trails Conference took place in late September 2022 on the Greek island of Skiathos. The 5-day conference gathered 228 participants from 5 Continents and 32 countries and discussed issues such as sustainability of paths over time, technology, health, construction, promotion and certification, in particular the Green Flag Trails ecolabel. In parallel, an International Film Festival for Trails took place, while the new Skiathos Trails, a project implemented by Paths of Greece in collaboration with the Municipality of Skiathos, were also inaugurated


New metro station in Piraeus showcases ancient heritage

New 'Municipal Theatre' Station, PiraeusNew 'Municipal Theatre' Station, Piraeus150 structures related to the City's ancient water supply system were uncovered during construction work and some of these are now part of a permanent exhibition at the new 'Municipal Theatre" underground railway station, one of three inaugurated on 10 October 2022. Piraeus has been the commercial port of Athens since ancient times and hosts important monuments that relatively few tourists visit. The new extension allows passengers to get from Athens Airport to the Port of Piraeus in approximately an hour.

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Ryanair attacks Fraport 'monopoly', pre-announces Athens base closure for winter - Η Ryanair επιτίθεται στο 'μονοπώλιο' της Fraport, προαναγγείλει κλείσιμο της βάσης της στην Αθήνα για το χειμώνα

In a new installment of its long-running antagonism with Greek airports operator Fraport, and its supposed high passenger fees (12 Euros per passenger), Ryanair announced its decision to in effect reduce winter flights to and from Athens as it failed to receive 'incentives' from the Greek government, who has yet to reply. In a press release the airline specifically called on Tourism Minister Kikilias to "finally reply in writing to Ryanair’s growth proposals that would transform Greek Tourism creating thousands of jobs in Greece during the winter period". Σε άλλο ένα επεισόδιο της διένεξης της με την Fraport, η Ryanair ανακοίνωσε ότι θα μειώσει το πτητικό της έργο από 29 Οκτωβρίου 2022 με βάση την Αθήνα επειδή δεν έλαβε κίνητρα από την Ελληνική Κυβέρνηση, η αντίδραση της οποίας αναμένεται. Στο δελτίο τύπου της η αεροπορική εταιρεία απευθύνεται συγκεκριμένα στον Υπουργό Τουρισμού τον οποίο καλεί "επιτέλους να απαντήσει γραπτώς στις αναπτυξιακές προτάσεις της Ryanair οι οποίες θα μεταμορφώσουν τον Ελληνικό Τουρισμό δημιουργώντας χιλιάδες θέσεις εργασίας κατά την χειμερινή περίοδο".