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When To Mountains Comes the Spring

Snow ebbed with snow glory abloom

Mirth returned, withdrawn the gloom

From wintry anchor breaking free

Children on colleting spree,

Of the gift so coveted to bring

To herald and welcome spring


Thru chimney they hand the ‘glory’

A tradition telling wonderful story

Receiving walnut gift, dry fruits and sweet

With occasional reward of homespun tweet

Elders enjoy peacefully sitting

To herald and welcome spring


‘Happy spring’ the hamlet’s abuzz

A ripple of jubilation that it cause

Children with snow playing foul

Nature prevails stirring the soul

Elders drum, kids doing swing

To herald and welcome spring


Wears the earth green garments

Refreshing aura, the soil ferments

Thick is the air with butterfly

And a group of dove overfly

Juniper scent lightly wafting

To herald and welcome spring


Sloughed into flute a branch of willow

Rocking atop the rock looking below

Engrossed as if in the midst of pray

Melodious notes a lonely flutist play

With peaceful herd nearby grazing

To herald and welcome spring




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