Marion Neidt and Herman Erdtsieck

"It appears there are too many people wanting to “do good” in “poor Africa” for the wrong reasons...Luckily most volunteers are genuine and have a better understanding"

Herman Erdtsieck and Marion Neidt are the owners and managers of MamboViewPoint Ecolodge and the MamboSteunPunt Foundation which they founded in 2008. Ms Neidt trained as a Biochemical Analyst while Mr Erdtsieck studied Electronic and Medical Engineering. Previously, they both worked for Greenpeace and then as consultants for communication in health care and rural areas in Africa. Mr Erdtsieck's reason to start MamboViewPoint was "the opportunity to make a difference - in Mambo a little effort can make an enormous improvement in people's daily life". Marion Neidt explains that their aim was "to try another approach for development which could be more effective. If you really want to know how the system works, try to change it!" The Ecolodge and the Foundation have weathered the global economic crisis of the past 5 years which saw visitation decrease greatly and today offer a stable base and source of income for a series of local community projects in entrepreneurship, health, infrastructure and education. In 2014 MamboViewPoint received an award as the best tax payer in the Lushoto district, while in 2016 MamboSteunPunt was second best from 66 active volunteering organisations in the Netherlands.

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