Natali DologlouNatali Dologlou"Ecotourism can open the door to a genuine contact with locals and their culture, which is practically impossible in a more conventional touristic package"

Natali (Anastasia) Dologlou is a Greek Ecotourism Expert who works as a Researcher at the National Technical University of Athens. She holds a BSc in a Biology (University of Crete, Greece) and an MSc in Environmental Science (Brunel University, UK). She first got involved with Ecotourism research in 2002, working as environmental consultant for Agrotouristiki, an organisation affiliated with the Greek Ministry of Development. One of her main tasks was to create a register for all companies involved in ecotourism and agrotourism activities and prepare material for a new, national agrotourism portal. She also coordinated the preparation of the Greek “National Master Plan for the Organization and Development of Ecotourism”. Since 2005 she is a research/laboratory member of staff of the Metsovion Interdisciplinary Research Center (MIRC) at the National Technological University of Athens. She is a long-time Member of - International Ecotourism Club and an active member in various non-governmental organizations and associations including the newly formed Greek Ecotourism Society and the International Association of Cultural and Digital Tourism. She lives in Athens with her family (2 kids) and always searching for small escapes in nature.