Jeppe Klockareson

"...there is so much focus at the moment on the environmental aspects of sustainability, whereby the rest seems to be forgotten"

Jeppe Klockareson has worked with sustainable tourism development for almost 15 years and has a background as CEO at Basecamp Explorer Sweden and as Product Manager at STA Travel Nordic. Since 2010, he runs Fair Travel, a responsible travel consultancy in Stockholm, offering expertise in sustainable tourism development to customers worldwide, through advisory, audits, consulting, lectures, training, project work and sales and marketing support. Mr Klockareson has been a member of the board of the Swedish Nature and Ecotourism Association since 2014 and acts as the Swedish representative for The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Fair Travel is also GSTC's official training partner in the Nordic region.

Ecoclub: In your experience as a leading Sustainable Tourism Consultant, how easy is it to convince a seasoned tourism business owner that first - they need to green their act, and, second, that they need a Consultant to do so? What traits should they look for when choosing one?

Jeppe Klockareson: Times are certainly changing at the moment where sustainability aspects are becoming more of a certainty and expectation compared to just a year ago. Given the recent awareness in sustainability aspects, coming from the mass media coverage, consumers have become more aware and more demanding, thus resulting in a need for tourism businesses to change. Therefore, it is not so much an issue of convincing them, but more an aspect of making them understand the full concept of sustainability. The challenge that I see now is that there is so much focus at the moment on the environmental aspects of sustainability, whereby the rest seems to be forgotten. This is where I see the challenge, to be able to make them understand that they need to embrace the full aspect of sustainability. It goes beyond just offsetting your carbon emissions and turning to train travel. Once it is understood that they might not have all the knowledge themselves, that’s also where they see the need for advisory and knowledge coming from an external consultant. The traits to look for are experience and above else, creating sustainability instead of just talking about it. I see knowledge in the GSTC criteria and how to apply them as a trait.